training Programs

Welcome to Clifton united training. We are a platform for young players aspiring to become smart
soccer athletes based in Clifton Nj and servicing all NJ. Our professional soccer coaches have direct
experience coaching and playing in competitive environments at college and professional level. The
Clifton united philosophy is to teach children with the basic fundamentals of soccer tactically, technically
and mentally with a lot of discipline and dedication. The training programs include

– Skill training – technical training – ball mastery
– Private training – Agility – dribbling
-Team training – Speed – coordination work


Enjoy the summer in our player development activities. 

Private Training

Personalized training with the focus on player development 

Games and Tournaments

Scrimmages games are 7v7, 5v5, 4v4, 3v3, each session has a specific tactical
topic that we look to teach throughout the games

Training Facility

Indoor and outdoor training locations for the teams

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